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Adolescent Care services offered in Portland, OR

Children face unique challenges as they approach and enter their teen years, so they need specialized adolescent care from providers who are truly dedicated to offering it. At Northern Pediatrics in Portland, Oregon, specially trained physician Anh Linh Hoang, MD, and the general pediatrics specialists can support your child through every developmental milestone and transition. They go out of their way to make your child comfortable, and that helps put you at ease as well. Book your child’s appointment online or call the office to schedule today.

What is adolescent care?

Adolescent care covers the period between childhood and adulthood. While the exact ages can vary, it generally spans ages 10-21. 

The Northern Pediatrics providers have specialized training in this unique facet of pediatrics, which they apply to help your child thrive as they grow up. 


What does adolescent care involve?

Adolescent care encompasses all aspects of your child’s health as they grow up, including both routine and urgent care needs. Your child can come into Northern Pediatrics for:

Sick visits

Sick visits include all types of illnesses and injuries. Examples of common issues during adolescence include sports injuries, acne, colds, viruses, and headaches. 

Sometimes sick visits are inevitable, and Northern Pediatrics is here whenever your child needs help. But if your child maintains good overall health, they may not require visits for accidents and illness. That’s where well checkups come in. 

Well checkups 

Well checkups are visits that cover all aspects of your child’s health. They’re a good opportunity to check on your child’s growth, keep track of changes, and make sure your child is hitting their developmental milestones. 

Well checkups are about more than just physical health, though. Your child’s Northern Pediatrics provider also checks in on their mental health, sexual health, and social development. They help guide your child through each of these dimensions of health 

Sports clearance 

Sports clearance — an exam to verify physical health and ability to safely participate in sports — is required before children can play basketball, baseball, football, or any other school sport. Your child typically needs sports clearance every 1-2 two years. 


Your child needs many different vaccines as they grow up. While most of these vaccines are administered in their earlier years, your child also needs new ones as they enter their teen years. 

All adolescents need flu shots yearly. Most kids need Tdap, meningococcal conjugate, and HPV vaccines at age 11-12, and some kids need catch-up vaccines during adolescence. 


In addition to these services, Northern Pediatrics offers specialized care for other unique needs. Should your child need to see a specialist, your provider can draw upon their robust referral network to find a provider who can give your child the very best care. 


How often should my child have adolescent care?

Northern Pediatrics typically recommends well visits once a year. In addition, you can schedule sick visits and other urgent care based on your child’s specific needs. The expert providers have your child’s care covered as they navigate adolescence successfully. 


Northern Pediatrics is here to guide your child into their adult years with the best in physical, emotional, and mental health. Book your child’s appointment online or call the office today.