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Mental health is just as important as physical health during the childhood years. At Northern Pediatrics, pediatrician Anh Linh Hoang, MD, and the skilled specialists offer child-centered care in the Portland, Oregon, office. They help your child maintain good mental health by managing challenging behaviors, and treating mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, and ADHD all in one place. Schedule an appointment online or call the office to book your child’s appointment today.

Why is mental health important for children?

A mentally healthy child is able to function well at home, at school, and within the community. They can learn crucial skills, develop socially, learn self-reliance, and face challenges and new situations without fear or unreasonable worry. 

Good mental health is vitally important for kids because it provides the necessary foundation to grow into well-adjusted and healthy adults. 


When does my child need mental health care?

Good mental health doesn’t necessarily come automatically: You need to foster it. That’s something that Northern Pediatrics can help with. 


Mental health check-ins are a routine part of your child’s care at Northern Pediatrics. Your child’s provider always checks in on their mental health during their appointments to make sure they’re hitting their developmental milestones, including emotional development. 

Should your child develop new concerning behaviors, Northern Pediatrics can help with both diagnosis and treatment.


What are some common childhood mental health disorders?

Just like adults, children can experience a broad range of mental health disorders. Some of the most common disorders during childhood include: 


All children worry sometimes, but those with an anxiety disorder experience persistent worry and feelings of anxiousness. An anxiety disorder can be very disruptive and make it hard for your child to function normally. 

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

ADHD can involve difficulty paying attention, hyperactive behavior, or both types of symptoms. Children with ADHD may have difficulties with school and home life. 


Children with depression have persistent feelings of sadness and hopelessness. A depressed child may lose interest in their usual activities and withdraw from family and friends.

Oppositional defiant disorder

Children with oppositional defiant disorder act out frequently, particularly around their loved ones or people with whom they’re very familiar. This disorder usually occurs before age 12.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

PTSD occurs in some children after a traumatic experience. Children may experience flashbacks or nightmares, and they may go to tremendous lengths to avoid reminders of their triggering event.

Other mental health disorders can develop in children as well. The Northern Pediatrics providers have extensive experience in treating childhood mental health disorders, so they can help you manage your child’s condition while also looking after their physical health. 

Whether your child needs counseling, medication, behavior modification, or some other approach, Northern Pediatrics can help. They offer customized mental health care to help with your child’s individual needs. 


For the best in pediatric mental health help, call Northern Pediatrics or book your child’s appointment online now.