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Sports clearance gives your child the official documentation they need to join school sports activities, clubs, or camps. At Northern Pediatrics in Portland, Oregon, dedicated pediatrician Anh Linh Hoang, MD, and the group of sports clearance experts offer exams for patients of all ages, and they’re ready to help your child get out on the court or field. Call the office or click on the provided link to schedule a sports clearance exam now.

What is sports clearance?

Sports clearance is a pre-participation exam for student-athletes. Students in the Portland area must complete this type of exam before starting a new sport, then once every one to two years while playing. Children who plan to join a camp or club may also need a sports clearance exam.


In addition, your child may need a sports clearance exam if they suffer an injury like a concussion during sports. In that case, a sports clearance exam verifies that they’re fully recovered and can safely return to their sport. 


A sports clearance exam serves the vital purpose of making sure your child is ready for their sport, but it’s not a replacement for well checkups once a year. 


What is the purpose of a sports clearance exam?

A sports clearance exam essentially determines whether your child can safely perform the physical activities required for their sport. 


While many children get sports clearance exams simply because they’re legally required, this type of exam is actually very beneficial beyond fulfilling a legal requirement. 


With a sports clearance exam, your child’s provider at Northern Pediatrics can make sure there aren’t any health problems that could increase their risk of an injury. Knowing that your child is in good health and can handle the physical demands of their sport can give you peace of mind as a parent. 


What happens in a sports clearance exam?

A sports clearance exam includes a complete medical history and a physical exam. 

Medical history

The medical history part of a sports clearance exam encompasses past illnesses; prior hospitalizations; history of symptoms during exercise; prior injuries; allergic reactions; current medications; and other parts of your child’s medical history. 

Physical exam

The physical exam component of a sports clearance exam includes an exam focused on physical function. Your child’s provider checks their blood pressure, vision, heart, lungs, posture, flexibility, strength, and many other aspects of their health as it relates to sports and fitness.


Upon completing the sports clearance exam, your child’s provider fills out any necessary paperwork and signs it. A copy of the sports clearance form goes into your child’s medical record at Northern Pediatrics. 


Does your child need a sports physical? Northern Pediatrics can help. Call the office or click the online appointment maker to arrange a visit now.