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Well Checkups services offered in Portland, OR

Well checkups are a simple way to help your child stay healthy and prevent problems that could disrupt their life. At Northern Pediatrics in Portland, Oregon, experienced pediatrician Anh Linh Hoang, MD, and the caring pediatrics specialists provide well checkups starting with newborn care and going through every phase of childhood. Book your child’s appointment by calling the office or clicking on the scheduling link now. 

What are well checkups?

Well checkups are routine medical appointments with your child’s pediatric care providers. The goal of well checkups is to make sure your child is well — and that they continue to be so as they grow. 


What happens during well checkups?

A well checkup involves many types of preventive and proactive care, including: 

  • Vaccines
  • Screening for childhood disorders and diseases
  • Developmental screenings
  • Mental health screenings
  • Hearing and vision screenings
  • Monitoring milestones

Well checkups are also important to you as a parent. You can ask your child’s Northern Pediatrics provider about any type of physical, mental, or developmental concerns that you might have. 

As your child grows, they become an active participant in their well checkups. This becomes especially important for older children, as adolescent care expands to encompass social concerns, sexual health, body changes, and other topics important to teens.  

Northern Pediatrics provides customized care for all of your child’s needs during well checkups, so no topic is off-limits. 


What if my child has a problem during their well checkup?


Diagnosing health problems and potential issues during their earliest stages is one of the biggest benefits of well checkups. If your child’s provider discovers a problem or emerging issue during their well checkup, they can offer steps to prevent it or treat it appropriately right away. 


Should your child have a more complicated condition, such as a hernia, scoliosis, or autism spectrum disorder, they may require specialized care. 


Northern Pediatrics works with an extensive referral network that includes the leading childhood care specialists in the entire Portland area. Your child’s provider can refer them to the specialist that best meets their needs.


How often should my child have well checkups?


Northern Pediatrics recommends well child checkups for all children, starting with newborn care at 3-5 days old. During your child’s first few years, they’ll have appointments more frequently before starting yearly checkups at around the age of 3. 


All children and teens need annual well checkups, supplemented with sick visits if they develop a new issue or health problem. Same-day visits are available for sick visits.


Northern Pediatrics can help your child enjoy the best health all through their childhood. The caring providers are waiting to help with well visits, sports clearance, vaccines, and more, so call the office or click on the provided booking tool to make your child's appointment today.